Advantages for the students*


  • Every year, l'Institut Desgraff organizes meetings for employers looking for talented artists and artists looking for their dream job. Thus graduates have the opportunity to meet recruiters one on one to highlight their potencial and talents (depending on criterias of selection and availabilities).
  • Popular well-known names in the industry participate in these events in the past, some of them being: Ubisoft, Eidos, Gameloft, Golemlabs, ect.
  • During the establishment of new studios, l'Institut Desgraff actively participates in the selection of artists by offering to these companies the possibility of organizing interviews and selection tests in order to promote the placement of our graduates.


Graduates that are eligible according to the criteria of Institut Desgraff has access to the list of candidates available to employers looking for artists and programmers.

The updates of information, documents, DemoReels, and portfolios are possible at any given moment which permits the graduate to show their best work.


  • Over 200 partners/employers have access to this list of graduates.
  • The employers may contact every artist or programmer individually securely without risk to privacy and personal information.
  • The list of companies is continually updated and is rapidly increasing.
  • Every graduate can control the information of their file and are able to update it continuously in order to increase their chances of being noticed.
  • L'Institut Desgraff uses this placement system to guide employers who call the school for their choice in artists and programmers.

Desgraff only offers training services. Institut Desgraff is not an employment agency. Job search assistance is offered by Institut Desgraff on a voluntary basis for people desiring an opportunity to support graduates seeking internship position, contract work or permanent position. The format and conditions of this voluntary assistance can vary over time.

Help in your work placement attempts


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