This video is a complilation of all the hard work of our graduates who followed the intensive 3D animation course here at Desgraff. This course is accessible to all, whether a beginner or intermediate, and is organized in a structured manner that has proven itself to be highly effective. Our graduates save many years of education by choosing a quality private school: L'Institut Desgraff.

This quality program spread over one year focuses on the intense instruction of digital arts software as well as the best work techniques appropriate for the different areas of work available after the course and finally, the course offers excellent preparation to enter the labor market. You could become a 3D animator, a level artist, a concept artist, a character designer, a modeler, a texturer and much more!

L'Institut Desgraff benefits from agreements with many companies in the game industry, movie industry and special effects for the cinema; enabling us to directly communicate with them regarding our graduates. We also offer the possibility to send our student's Demo Reels directly to the companies and contribute to the placement of our students and the search of internships.

Document version : June 27th, 2012.

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